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    Mision statement

This parachute symbolizes the idea of our Comenius project:

We, the students and teachers from six European schools have resolved to make a joint contribution to the protection and rescue of our Earth.
We will persuade our school communities to implement the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) , a directive issued by the European Commission.
Thus we will ensure that our schools evolve into ecologically, economically and socially sustainable institutions.

In the process, we will intensify our institutional and personal relationships so as to become genuinely responsible European citizens.


It is done !
Our partner school Kuniberg Berufskolleg from Recklinghausen was successful and they have the EMAS Certificate !
We send them BIG CONGRATULATION from each partner schools !

The last meeting in Recklinghausen was amazing endpoint of our project and we hope (we sure ?) that our cooperate will continue after short time by next very interesting project !

    Sixth teachers and students meeting in Recklinghausen
    24 - 28 April 2013, Germany

We organized sixth - and unfortunatelly LAST - meeting of the project at our partner school in Germany. We visited very interesting places - Landschaftspark in Duisburg, Wissensgeschaftspark on Gelsenkirchen and the recycling center RKZ.
But at first we attended the celebration ceremony in the KBK music hall on the occasion EMAS certificate obtaining for the German school ! VERY GOOD WORK !

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    Fifth teachers and students meeting in Genk
    6 - 10 February 2013, Belgium

During the fifth students and teachers meeting in Genk we presented our results from previous meetings mainly from the environmental part by the special form - country tables. We visited special companies - Big Blue Van Marcke and Aquafin and there we got very important information about using heating and ventilation in houses and about clearing waste water.

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    EMAS NEWS from Germany, December 2012

EMAS NEWS from Germany ... click here

    Fourth teachers and students meeting in Békéscsaba
    10 - 14 October 2012, Hungary

We finished the fourth meeting of our project in Békescsaba.
Teachers and students invited some places for distribution of water.
At the Békéscsabai Központi Szakképző Iskola és Kollégium we were presented to pupils our countries style and ecological activities of partner schools. Of coarse we organized the one meeting with pupils and teachers under our Earth the parachute again.
And during this meeting we recognized Bekescsaba city with her interesting places and some of folk traditions of Hungarian people.

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    Third teachers and students meeting in Modena
    2 - 6 May 2012, Italy

We finished the third meeting of our project in Modena.
Teachers and students worked together during two meetings with focus of electrical efficiency of household appliances and thermical consumption of houses.
The idea of our project EMAS was presented before pupils of the ITIS Fermo Corni partner school by posters, exhibits, country tables and our project "totem" - the Earth parachute.
And of course we visited the interesting city Modena and we´ve seen Italy spring spirit.

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    Second teachers and students meeting in Czech Republic
    18 - 22 January 2012, Pilsen

Second teachers and students meeting of EMAS was in Pilsen.
We organized four workshops with focus of saving energy in the schools and houses, comparing electrical efficiency of new lighting technologies and calculating energetical and thermical consumption of our school buildings.
By the one of workshops we got experiences with using of e-Twinning system.

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    First teachers meeting in Finland
    21 - 25 September 2011, Kokemäki

The coordinators of the project met at SATAEDU in Kokemäki in order to plan the complex certification processes required by the EMAS directive.
A clear definition of the project has been agreed on, a timeframe for the next two years has been set up and milestones have been fixed.
Each of the partners has agreed to accomplish a clearly defined set of tasks.

We could greatly profit from the experience of our Finnish partners, whose Quality Management System (Ruori = rudder) has been certified according to ISO14001 standards.
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SATAEDU’s International Affairs Coordinator welcomes his guests at the Kokemäki premises:
Belgium: Arn Beutels, Robert Gabriëls, Dirk Leen
Czech Republic: Karel Hajžman, Jaroslava Skalová
Germany: Angelika Bakenfelder, Erich Drotleff
Hungary: Maria Bohus, László Kruzsic
Italy: Cecilia Lombardi, Enrico Artioli

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    Kick-off event in Recklinghausen
    8 - 9 September 2011

Belgian and German students met at Kuniberg Berufskolleg in Recklinghausen to organize a joint kick-off-event.

The main aims were to

a) motivate the students for the new Comenius project by providing an opportunity to meet former students who were involved in the project “The smart Home in Europe”,

b) sensitize the students for the consequences of global warming by offering them first hand insights into the negative ecological and social consequences brought about by human economic activities,

c) inform the entire school community and the general public about the project “EMAS connects the European Union” by organizing a joint kick-off-event.

Plan for kick

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Dr. Walter Schulte, principal of Kuniberg Berufskolleg, addresses the school community and the Belgian guests.