During by the final meeting we finished our SHIE project !
Thank all of you for the beautiful experience of these 2 years where each other knowledge as well as our teacher mission grew.
We all hope to continuing common work by new project !

The final meeting we are planing on from 12 May till 16 May 2010.

Invitation to Genk ... click here

We had to change the date of our last meeting in Genk regarding of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption. New meeting date is from 11 May till 16 May 2010.

We are WINNERS of KNX Award 2010
- category "YOUNG"!
It´s amazing success of students and teachers who cooperated in the project !

KNX TOP Event 2010, 13th April 2010, Frankfurt, Germany

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We have the wonderful chance to be the winner of KNX Award 2010 !
Our project is one of the five best projects in the category "Young"!

Our project work will be culminate during the final meeting in the partner school in Genk, Belgium in April 2010.

Would you like to download the Smart home Calendar 2010 ? Please, go to the section DOWNLOAD ...

Fifth meeting we´ve organized in Pilsen from 13th till 17th January 2010.

Informations about our project in KNX Journal - click and go to the page 44

We have visited the Italy partner school in the town Modena during the fourth meeting from 7th to 11th October 2009.

Third meeting of teachers and students ran at the Hungary partner school in the town Békéscsaba from 13th to 17th May 2009.

We met Finland from 4th to 8th February - it was interesting and constructive students and teachers meeting !